If your lover has ever caused you physical harm on purpose you need to get out of the relationship immediately no questions asked. Physical abuse is a very serious situation not to be dealt with lightly.

No matter how much you two love each other, there is plenty of time to get to know each other and no need to move too fast. Moving too fast and then later finding out that your lover is a loser could put you in a very bad situation.

Everyone loses their temper from time to time. What is important is that they direct their anger appropriately. If it happens too frequently, or they lash out at you, then you need to get out of the relationship right away.

Your lover has no reason to insult you at any time. If there is a correction to be made, or they feel uncomfortable about something, it should be talked about one to one and in a non-attacking manner.

No one is expected to get along with everybody all the time, but people should make an effort to act civilized around others they don't get along with. If your lover tries to keep you from your loved ones then you should leave.

Your lover should treat you kindly and consistently. It is okay if their behavior varies if they had been to a hardship or are going through a change such as a move or new job, but erratic behavior should be avoided.

There is no reason the play the blame game, but people should account for their actions and admit fault when appropriate. If your lover always need to blame someone else, including you, then you need to end the relationship.

Almost every relationship has a breakup or two in the beginning, which is perfectly normal. However, if your lover reacts very strongly by calling every few minutes or mentioning suicide, then the breakup should remain permanent.

There is no need for your lover to participate in every activity you do. It is healthy to have a few activities that you do on your own. However, if your lover attempts to prevent you from doing them, than a breakup is in order.

Trust is vital for a successful relationship. If there is no trust, then the relationship is doomed to fail. If your lover is checking up on you, then they do not trust you. Your best course of action is to move on.

There is never an excuse for public embarrassment, especially when it involves your lover. Unintentional situations occur all the time and as long as your lover realizes it then it is okay. If not, then there is a serious problem.

In a healthy relationship, both sides should be content and satisfied with the other. If this is not the case, the dissatisfied one may show dissatisfaction with you, but in reality are dissatisfied with themselves.

No one is ever entitled to punish anyone at any time. If your lover ever feels they are entitled to punish you, your friends and family or even a stranger such as a driver on the road, then you need in the relationship soon.

It would be silly to expect all your friends and family members to think your boyfriend is absolutely wonderful, but if the vast majority of them dislike your lover, then this could be a sign that something is seriously wrong.

If your lover has a negative or even violent past, then it is very likely that this will also be in their future. If your lover often talks about a negative past, then you might want to place them in your past as well and move on.

A socially stable person treats everyone about the same. If your lover treats you well, but treats others of the opposite sex very poorly, then this how you will be treated in your future as well. Get out while you still can.

Your lover's friends should think highly of him or her. However, if your lover's friends fall into two camps, one thinking your lover is great and the other thinking your lover is serious trouble, it is a sign of a serious problem.

You should be able to a talk about pretty much anything and behave like you would normally do around your lover. If you feel that you have to suppress behavior or conversation, then you need to get out of the relationship soon.

Socially healthy people will feel empathy for other people's feelings and respect their opinions. If your lover doesn't care about how others feel and disregards or gets angry about their opinions, that it is time to move on.

Your behavior should not change much when you are with your lover. If you find that you are defending yourself, covering your tracks or even avoiding friends and family, then you should end the relationship soon.

You have a truly incredible and wonderful lover. You should hang onto this person for the rest of your life. Hopefully you are married or have wedding plans in the near future. You will have a long-lasting happy relationship.

Congratulations, you have a very special relationship that most people do not get to enjoy. Your lover respects and treats you very well. I would stay with this person and hopefully get married in the future.

Other than a few minor issues, you seem to have a very nice lover. You can work on the rough spots by talking about it among yourselves or with a professional. You have the potential for long successful relationship.

Your lover is above average when it comes to treatment and respect. You still have some issues to deal with, but if you both put some effort into it, then the potential there is for a long and rewarding relationship.

You are right in the middle when it comes to your lover. You are among the majority and deal with an average amount of problems with the relationship. Your chances of a successful relationship are about 50-50.

Your lover causes you more hardship and stress than average. This does not mean you have to give up and move on. If your lover is willing to put in an effort to improve the situation, then there is still lots of potential.

It appears your lover has lots of problems, some of which could be unsafe. Your best course of action is to end the relationship as smoothly as possible and move on. There is a very low chance of the relationship been successful.

It is quite clear that your lover is a loser. You and your friends and family could be in danger. You really need to get out of the relationship as soon as possible at all costs. Your lover possesses many dangerous behaviors.

You and possibly others are in extreme danger! You need to stop seeing this person immediately as they are very dangerous. You may need to contact the authorities or other professionals to stay safe during the breakup.


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Do you think your lover is a loser? Take our mega quiz and find out. This quiz contains 20 questions and will give very accurate results about your lover. You will be answering questions about how they treat you and the others around you. There will also be questions about trust, behavior, their past and even reactions to breakups. Your relationship may be very healthy or could be downright dangerous. Answer the following questions as accurately as you can. You will then be presented with an accurate synopsis of the state of your relationship and whether you are dating a loser or not. The lower your ranking, the better. We wish you the best of luck.

Your results will appear here.

1. Has your lover ever purposely caused you physical harm?

a) Are you kidding? My lover would never do that
b) There was one incident, but nothing since
c) Only when my lover is really mad
d) It happens very often and it might even be getting worse


2. How fast is your lover moving in the relationship?

a) My lover is moving at the same pace as me, which is somewhat slow
b) My lover wants to move faster than I do
c) My lover is moving too fast and is already mentioning a long-term commitment
d) My lover wanted to get married within four weeks


3. How often does your lover lose his or her temper?

a) I have never seen it happen
b) I have only seen it happen once or twice
c) It has happened quite a few times
d) It seems to happen constantly and is getting worse


4. How often does your lover correct or insult you?

a) My lover would never do that to me
b) My lover has done it a few times, but realized it was a mistake and apologized
c) My lover does it fairly often
d) My lover does it constantly and it has been getting more harsh and more frequent


5. How does your lover deal with your friends and family?

a) My lover is okay with them and doesn't mind if we go together to see them or with just me alone
b) My lover seems okay with them, but doesn't always come along when I visit them
c) My lover often tries to discourage me from seeing them, but allows me to see them most of the time
d) My lover is totally against me seeing them and constantly tells me they are a bad influence on me


6. How much does your lover's treatment of you vary?

a) My lover treats me pretty much the same way all the time, which is rather nicely
b) There have been one or two times when my lover wasn't very nice to me, but my lover is nice to me almost all of the time
c) My lover's treatment of me does vary somewhat, but is consistent most of the time
d) My lover is totally unpredictable day to day, almost like Jekyll and Hyde


7. How often does your lover admit fault for behaving incorrectly?

a) My lover realizes it right away, admits guilt and apologizes
b) Sometimes my lover might try to blame someone else
c) My lover often blames someone else, including me
d) My lover never takes blame, but instead blames me or some other person


8. Which most closely resembles how your lover react during your last break up?

a) We have never had a break up
b) My lover called or visited me a few days later and asked to have a talk
c) My lover called me a few times a day, contacted a close friend or relative and sent me flowers
d) My lover called every five minutes, offered to marry me, threatened suicide and contacted of all my friends and relatives to talk me into getting back together


9. How does your lover deal with your outside activities and hobbies?

a) My lover gladly encourages me to do my activities and often participates when possible
b) My lover is okay with pretty much everything, but sometimes complains when I do my activity too much
c) My lover often gets upset if I spend too much time with my activity
d) My lover totally discourages me from doing anything, or comes with me and makes me miserable the whole time


10. How often does your lover check up on you?

a) My lover trusts me and never checks up on me
b) My lover might ask questions if I am really late or with a friend of the opposite sex
c) My lover asks questions quite a lot, oftentimes when there is no reason to
d) My lover is constantly drilling me, has been known to follow me and keeps track of everything I do


11. How often does your lover embarrass or criticize you in public?

a) My lover would never do such a thing
b) It has happened once or twice but my lover apologized
c) My lover has done it several times when upset
d) My lover does it constantly to the point where I am afraid to say anything in public


12. Does your lover feel satisfied with you?

a) Yes, my lover is always satisfied with me
b) My lover may have been dissatisfied once or twice
c) My lover can feel dissatisfied quite often and may complain
d) My lover is never satisfied and everything I do seems to be wrong


13. How often does your lover feel entitled to punish someone including you?

a) My lover never feels that way
b) My lover did do that once, but realized the mistake right away
c) When angry, my lover does have a tendency to do that
d) My lover feels like that all the time and makes that fact very clear to me


14. What do your friends and family think of your lover?

a) They think my lover is very kind and treats me well
b) Other than a few minor issues they are okay with my lover
c) They feel my lover has several problems, but tolerate it
d) They are seriously worried about me, dread the thought of us being together and are not even allowed to visit me


15. How does your lover talk about his or her past?

a) My lover often tells of fond memories with a little humor sprinkled in
b) My lover has a few bad memories that have been brought up, but most are positive
c) My lover seems to have a lot of bad memories, some which may contain some violence
d) Everything my lover brings up involves violence, aggression, past unfair treatment and how my lover won't take anything from anybody


16. Other than you, how does your lover treat others of the opposite sex?

a) My lover treats others of the opposite sex very favorably, similar to how I am treated
b) If really upset, my lover may briefly mistreat others of the opposite sex
c) My lover often treats others of the opposite sex rather poorly, such as in a restaurant
d) My lover treats others of the opposite sex extremely poorly all the time


17. What do your lover's friends say about him or her?

a) They say that they like my lover and that my lover is a great person
b) They say a few negative things about my lover, but mostly positive
c) They have quite a few negative things to say about my lover
d) There are two groups, with one group saying my lover is great, while the other group says my lover is serious trouble


18. Which best describes how you feel around your lover?

a) I feel comfortable and can talk about anything
b) I feel somewhat comfortable and can talk about most subjects
c) I feel I have to be somewhat careful around my lover including conversation
d) I feel like I am walking on eggshells and feel afraid to talk about almost anything


19. How does your lover accept the feelings and opinions of others?

a) My lover respects other people's feelings and opinions
b) Every once in a while my lover won't respect other people's feelings and opinions
c) My lover will often disrespect other people's feelings and opinions
d) My lover never cares about other people's feelings, dismisses their opinions and even gets angry when criticized


20. How has your lover affected your behavior?

a) My lover has had a positive effect on me and I behave pretty much the same
b) There have been some changes in my behavior, but mostly positive
c) I have to defend myself from time to time, but most of the time it is okay
d) I have to always cover my tracks, avoid certain places and people and be careful with everything I do and say


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Susanne Brown works for Softgame Company, maker of card games, video poker and puzzles. She works on the company web sites and does editorial work.

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