Believe it or not, height is the single most preferred physical attribute that women prefer in men. Tall men have more sexual partners, meet more attractive women and even have a better chance of landing a job. Tall men are also happier and wealthier, but do not live as long as shorter men. Height is also the hardest physical attribute to change, making it even tougher for short men. Consider yourself lucky if you are tall.

Hair color is not very important to women, but dark haired men do slightly better than all of the hair colors. The expression tall, dark and handsome was derived from the preference for darker hair. Of course hair can easily be colored, so men can make their hair darker for her little cost and effort. Even so, this is somewhat rare as hair color is not all that important to women.

Women prefer men with wide shoulders, but not too wide as that can be intimidating. Shoulder width is proportional to height, so a tall man may have wider shoulders than a short man, but will appear narrower in proportion to his height. Many men think that this is vital to attract women, but in reality it is not. In fact, more educated higher-quality women really don't care about shoulder width at all. Smarter women know what to look for and shoulder width is not it.

The importance to women of how much hair a man has decreases steadily with age. If you're in your 20s it is very important to a woman that you have a full head of hair. By 40 it is very low priority and by 50 it doesn't matter at all. Even so, there are more and more methods to obtain a full head of hair and keep it for decades. Most men do this for themselves and their self-esteem, rather than do it to actually attract more women. In fact, a poor job may actually make you less attractive to women. The absolute worst thing a man can do is have a comb over. Doing so will take off at least 70% of your attractiveness to women. Men, don't ever have a comb over!

Chest size has traditionally been very important to men, especially among younger men. Recently, this has faded somewhat. Women do prefer a slightly above-average chest size, but if it is too big it will actually turn them off. Men with very large chests will attract the least educated and lowest quality women. Having a very large chest does not mean more sexual partners or better looking women. Exercise is a good thing, but unless you're competing, don't overdo it. Even the thinnest men can have a decent sized chest with the proper workout.

Many men seem deathly afraid of having skinny arms. However, unless you are in your teens and are afraid of being bullied by other men, you really do not have much to worry about. Women do not like very large arms and in Some women may not like skinny arms, but even more dislike very large arms. Your best bet is to have slightly above average sized arms. Even if you are thin, regular exercise can make your arms a more desirable size.

Don't be fooled by the importance of forehead shape. Women are more attracted by high slightly sloped foreheads. A high forehead indicates intelligence, which means the man is more likely to be able to help raise healthy children. This instinct goes back hundreds of thousands of years. Men with a low steeply sloped forehead will only attract a fraction of the women as it is a sign of lower intelligence. Nothing attracts a woman more than an intelligent man. When it comes to physical attraction, a high forehead is more important to a women than the chest, the arms and shoulder width combined.

Women prefer a large square shaped jaw in men as this give the man a very masculine appearance. Women like men that are masculine looking, but not too much. If a man looks too masculine, it may be intimidating to the woman. However, men with a small rounded jaw are more approachable and may actually meet more women since it looks less threatening. Jaw shape is not a very high priority for most women, however.

Waist size in men is extremely important to women. Although some women prefer men with a few extra pounds, or 'big' men, it is best if it is evenly distributed throughout the man's body and not around the waist. Larger women feel especially comfortable with bigger men as they do not want to be bigger than their date. Men with thinner waists forming the classic V-shape will attract the most women. Thin waists also look healthier than large ones.

Lip size in men is not terribly important to women, but thicker than average lips attract more women than thinner lips. It is very rare for a man to have his lips thickened.

You may not be the most attractive man, but you will actually have the least difficulty attracting a high-quality woman, as you most likely appear non-threatening to women. This is most important for a long-lasting relationship. If this is not what you are seeking and you'd prefer to meet more attractive women, then almost every aspect of your looks can be improved. Exercise, diet and possibly a hair transplant can make a world of difference. If you are not tall, there really isn't much you can do about your height. Remember, quality is more important than quantity.

You are close to average when it comes to attracting women. If you feel okay about yourself, then you really don't have anything to worry about. If you are kind or intelligent, you will attract plenty of women. If you don't feel that you are attractive, and it is affecting your ability to meet women, then you have many options. If you're concerned about your hair, there are many methods today to obtain a full head of hair. If it is your body you are concerned about, the proper exercise or workout will work wonders for you.

You are right in the middle of the pack when it comes to attracting women. Your group attracts the most women of any other group. The quality and quantity of women you attract is rather high. If there is a certain aspect of your looks that bothers you, you can most likely do something about it, even if it is simply to make you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you will attract more women.

You are above average when it comes to looks and attracting women. This does not mean that you have it easy by any means. You will attract a higher quantity of women but not as many quality women. This means more work for you if you're looking for high-quality women. If you are looking for a more attractive woman, then things will be easier for you. This will not work well if you are looking for a long lasting relationship, however.

You are one stunning looking man! Finding a very attractive woman is effortless for you and other men look at you in envy. However, as you are probably already aware, the grass is not always greener. You seem to attract an endless sea of lower quality and unintelligent women. Even if you are highly intelligent, your incredible looks is making women blind to that. One way to get around it is to dress down and make yourself approachable. This way, less attractive but higher quality women will come your way.


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Have you ever wondered how attractive you are to women? Are you concerned about the size of your arms, chest or shoulders? What about your hair, your height or your jaw line? You can take our quiz and find out about these and more. We did some research on what women like best in a man when it comes to physical attraction. Many men think that women look for big shoulders and chest and arms. Others think that a full head of hair is the only way to go. Although these features are preferred, there are other physical features that are far more important. Answer the following questions as accurately and honestly as possible. This will assure accurate results when you complete the quiz. When you finish, you will be presented with a very accurate account of where you stand physically with the ladies. The higher your score the more attractive you are.

Your results will appear here.

1. How tall are you?

a) Very short
b) Short
c) Average
d) Tall
e) Very tall


2. What color is your hair?

a) Red
b) Brown
c) Blonde
d) Brunette


3. How wide are your shoulders?

a) Very narrow
b) Narrow
c) Average
d) Wide
e) Very wide


4. How much head hair do you have?

a) Completely bald
b) A little bit left
c) About Half
d) Most of my hair
e) A full head of hair


5. How big is your chest?

a) Very small
b) Small
c) Average
d) Large
e) Very large


6. How big are your arms?

a) Very small
b) Small
c) Average
d) Large
e) Very large


7. How is your forehead shaped?

a) Low and sloped back
b) Average height and slope
c) High and gradually sloped


8. How is your jaw shaped?

a) Small and rounded
b) Average
c) Large and squared


9. How big is your waist?

a) Very large
b) Large
c) Average
d) Small
e) Very small


10. How thick are your lips?

a) Very thick
b) Thick
c) Average
d) Thin
e) Very thin


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