Men find a women's weight extremely important, especially in today's culture. In this day and age men prefer thin women over any other body type. This is especially true of the waist. The array of diets and exercise programs are literally endless.

Woman's height is not very important to men unless the woman is very tall. If a woman is extremely tall than most men may feel uncomfortable unless they are very tall themselves. This will limit a very tall woman's choices of men dramatically. Unfortunately, there is nothing a tall woman can do to make her height more desirable.

Hair color is only somewhat important to men. Most men seem to prefer blonde women, but the popularity of brunettes is close behind. Redheaded women are the least popular among men. Hair coloring and bleaching products are very popular among women.

When it comes to type of hair, men prefer long straight hair, but shorter or wavy hair is also desirable. Although still desired by many men, curly hair is a little bit less popular than the other types. There is a reason why there are several boutiques in every town.

It is well-known that thick lips are very important for actresses, but men also prefer a full lips on women as well. There is nothing wrong with having with having thin lips, but full lips are definitely a plus. Popular among actresses, some every day women have lip injections to make a lips appear fuller.

Men prefer large round eyes on women. This is why mascara and eyelash makeup are so popular. These types of makeup make a woman's eyes appear larger and rounder.

A woman's chest size has always been near the top of a man's list of what he desires in a woman. One of the biggest reasons for this is that larger breasts means fertility which would help in childbearing. This instinct is hardwired into all men. A larger chest also completes the most desirable hourglass body shape. Breast implants for women are extremely popular.

The size of a woman's nose is low along the man's list, but most men would not desire a woman with a large nose. This may help to explain why so many women have a rhinoplasty, or nose reduction.

A clean and smooth facial complexion is very important as it makes a women appear healthy and youthful. Botox and other type of skin therapies have increased in popularity. There is also a seemingly endless array of skin creams available, many which are overpriced.

This one is a real biggie. Throughout the centuries, men have always preferred the hourglass body shape due to the fact that as it is a sign of fertility and youth. The wider hips help in childbirth and the fuller thighs and breasts helps to indicate that a woman can provide for the newborn child. A man's desire for an hourglass body shape is ingrained into the evolution of humankind. Women have used diet, exercise and breast augmentation to help achieve this desired body shape.

Women in your physical attraction category actually have it somewhat easy. You are most likely to attract sincere, high quality and kind men. When it comes to men you will attract quality and not quantity. The men then you attract will not be hung up over physical attraction and have other qualities that are much more important to a long-term and rewarding relationship. Your level of attractiveness will filter out the shallower men automatically making life much easier for you.

You are fortunate to possess some desirable physical qualities that men prefer, but at the same time you will not intimidate them. Making your attractive attributes stand out will really get you noticed. You do have the potential to attract handsome men, but quality and not quantity is the main factor here. You are also fortunate that the men that you do attract will generally be kinder and more loyal than average. In most cases you will not have to be bothered with lower quality men simply looking for a good time.

You belong to the largest group of women when it comes to attracting men. Fortunately, this is also true with the men, since the men you will attract is also the largest group for them. Since you possess so many desirable physical attributes, you pretty much run the gauntlet when it comes to the quality, amount and handsomeness of the men you will attract. The best thing to do is accent your attractive qualities as this will make you feel attractive, more confident and happier. This alone will attract more men.

Congratulations. It sounds like you are a very attractive woman. You possess many features that men prefer. You will attract a lot of man which is great, but this means a lot of extra effort on your part. Quality is more important than quantity, so filtering out the shallower, lower quality men is going to be a constant effort. On the bright side, you will have no problem attracting very handsome men. The hardest task you will come across is to find a genuine, loyal man that will be great for a long-term relationship.

If you are not a model, you may want to consider becoming one. As you probably have already noticed, you make men's heads turn everywhere you go. Men will treat you nicely and you will be asked out to dinner quite a bit. You will be with very handsome men your entire life and will have no trouble attracting them. Other women will envy you, but as you have probably already figured out, most of the men you attract are only after one thing. The frustration must and always will drive you simply crazy. You will often wonder where are all the good men? One way to improve your chances of meeting a genuinely nice man is to dress down and frequent places like art galleries and bookshops. This is where the more intelligent men hang out. Settling for a less handsome man will also dramatically improve your chances of meeting that nice man.


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Find out how well you attract men by taking this quiz. By answering the following questions honestly we can provide you with a fairly accurate picture of the type of man you will attract based on your physical attractiveness. The higher your ranking, the better. Remember, there is more to attracting a man than how you look, but when you first meet that is the one you have going for you right away. Be sure to answer the questions honestly and accurately to get the best results.

Your results will appear here.

1. What type of body do you have?

a) Thin
b) Average
c) Overweight
d) Muscular


2. Which best describes your height?

a) Short
b) Average
c) Tall
d) Super tall


3. What is your hair color?

a) Blonde
b) Brown
c) Red
d) Brunette


4. Which best describes your hair?

a) Long and straight
b) Curly
c) Short
d) Medium and wavy


5. What type of lips do you have?

a) Thin
b) Average
c) Full
d) Thick


6. Which best describes your eyes?

a) Small and oval
b) Average and oval
c) Average and round
d) Large and round


7. What size chest do you have?

a) Almost flat
b) Small
c) Average
d) Large


8. Which best describes your nose?

a) Diminutive
b) Smaller than average
c) Larger than average
d) Large


9. Which best describes your facial complexion?

a) Rough
b) Average
c) Smooth
d) Silky


10. Which best describes your body shape?

a) Straight
b) Hourglass
c) Round
d) Pear shaped


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Susanne Brown works for Softgame Company, maker of card games, video poker and puzzles. She works on the company web sites and does editorial work.

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