Keno has the lowest odds of any casino game with a house edge up to 30%.

It doesn't matter at all. Pick either one when it becomes available. Slot machines are never 'due' or rigged and past behavior has no effect on future wins.

A flush is the hardest to get and is in turn the highest hand of the four.

There are 36 possible combinations. A die has six sides and there are two of them, so six times six is 36 possible outcomes.

An American roulette wheel has a double zero.

A player can come out ahead in the game of Blackjack if played perfectly, however this is rare.

The paytable payout is the most important thing to watch for as this directly determines the size of your winnings.

The first casino is in Venice. Casino di Venezia opened in 1638 in Venice, Italy and is still open today.

A dime bet is a $1000 bet in betting circles.

There are slot machines at McCarren Airport. Most cruise ships offer full gambling with tables. Ferries to Canada offer slot machines. Duty free shops do not allow gambling.


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Casino Quiz by Susanne Brown

How about increasing your odds at the casino? Try our casino quiz to improve your casino knowledge and walk away with more cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

1. Which game has the worst odds at the casino?

a) Keno
b) Craps
c) Slots
d) Roulette


2. There are two identical slot machines side by side being heavily used. One has been gettng wins for over an hour while the other hasn't had one. Which machine should you play?

a) The winning one of course
b) The losing machine. It is due for a win
c) Neither one, they may be rigged
d) It doesn't matter at all


3. Which poker hand is the highest?

a) Full house
b) Flush
c) Straight
d) Three of a kind


4. How many possible roll combinations are thre in a standard set of dice?

a) 6
b) 12
c) 24
d) 36


5. What is unique about an American roulette wheel?

a) They spin much faster
b) A ball is used to select the winning number
c) They have a double zero
d) They use red and black colors for added betting options


6. Which casino game can the player actually come out ahead?

a) Baccarat
b) Blackjack
c) Slots
d) Video Poker


7. When playig video poker, what is the most important thing to watch for?

a) The amount of game variations to choose from
b) The age of the machine
c) The payout of the paytable
d) One with a double up option


8. Where was the worlds first casino?

a) Venice
b) Las Vegas
c) Moscow
d) Tokyo


9. What is a dime bet at a casino?

a) A ten cent bet at a slot machine
b) A one dollar bet
c) A ten dollar bet
d) A $1000 bet


10. Which of the following does not allow gambling?

a) McCarren Airport, Las Vegas
b) Cruise ships
c) International ferries
d) Duty free shops


Your score will appear here.

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