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Add an Element of Luck to your Quizzing with Quiz Bingo

However challenging and informative your regular quiz nights, quizzes can get boring if the same team keeps winning. So why not shake it up a bit by adding an element of luck? The new game of Quiz Bingo does exactly that!

Bingo in land-based bingo halls is always fun and so the new popularity of online bingo is no surprise considering the same fun can be had in the online rooms from the comfort of your own armchair. There are so many options though it is good to compare bingo sites before you commit to depositing with one company.

Even if you haven’t played bingo at all, whether land-based or online bingo, Quiz Bingo is so easy to get the hang of it won’t be long before you’re shouting “house”! There are a number of ways of playing the game, so here are two crackers to get you started off on your new Quiz Bingo nights.

Quizzers get into two teams each with one bingo score card and one answer sheet. The quizmaster reads out 5 questions in 5 different categories, making a total of 25 questions altogether. The two teams answer the 25 questions, writing them down in any boxes on their answer sheets. The team also writes the relevant question number on their accompanying Bingo score card. This duplicate copy is handed in to the quizmaster.

The quizmaster then reads out the correct answers. The winning team is the team to achieve a straight line of 5 correct answers in any direction. If there is a tie or if no teams manage to get 5 correct answers in a row, the winner is the team with the most correct answers. Alternatively, the quizmaster could issue a tiebreaker question.

The second way of playing Quiz Bingo is just as fun - there is no way to compare the quiz bingo types than by playing both and deciding for yourself! The second variety sees each team given a bingo game plan with the numbers 1 to 25 written randomly spread out on it. Each team also has its own bingo board drawn on transparent film. The categories behind each question clearly show through the film. The aim of the game is to complete two rows on a bingo board by answering the questions. It is not important whether the rows are vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

The way this bingo quiz works is that one team chooses a number and the question behind the number is posed to both teams. Both teams write down the answer. Once the time limit is up, both teams read out their answers. If the answer is right, the team gets its number scored off on the board. The other team now gets to choose a number. If a team gets a question wrong, their loss is marked on the bingo game plan as a loss of field – this field can no longer be used to make a row.

When choosing a number, it is important to ensure that the number chosen is to the team’s advantage and that the opposing team is not helped by the number chosen. In this way, the game is similar to the old classic board game, Connect 4, where two teams or two players battled it out to make a run of 4 counters in a row.

Quiz Bingo will really whet your appetite for all things bingo so why not check out some online bingo sites – you can choose from 90 ball or the faster 75 ball bingo, as well as play some cool instant games on the side while you wait for your next card. There are plenty of online bingo guides to help you compare bingo sites and choose the one that is best for you not to mention a host of online bingo news to read.

Quiz Bingo opens up the challenging world of quizzing to the exciting world of bingo – a quintessential combination!

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